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Responsibilities of Staff and Users Holding a High Rank

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Responsibilities of Staff and Users Holding a High Rank

Post  Shadow on Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:21 pm

Staff Responsibilities

Administrators/Admins: Admins have a considerable amount of work, more than any other staff rank. They have to keep tabs on members and make sure everyone is being respectful, resolve conflicts between members, start and maintain site events, moderate forums, archive old threads, archive inactive characters and check all applications (organization apps, character apps, face claim apps, etc.). Admins are also expected to know how to use the Admin Panel.

Moderators/Mods: Mods are just as important as the admins, and without them the site would crumble too. Like the admins, they have to check in on members and make sure no one's breaking the rules or being disrespectful, and step in if they are. They also get to moderate the boards, archive old threads and applications as well as approve any kind of application.

Leaders/Co-Leaders Responsibilities

Leaders: People who lead one of the colour gangs have to maintain the group and keep tabs on the individuals apart of it. They also get to create events for their organization, and they are also able to accept members into their group.

Co-Leaders: As with the leaders, Co-Leaders can also accept members into their group, and create small and maintain small events for their group.
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